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How is it that a good product sells poorly? How can an outsider do a better job at diagnosing the problem and solving it.

Can a good product sell poorly? Sadly it happens too often. Why are competent and involved people, who know the market and product, unable to eliminate the cause of the problems? It’s because they’re inside the process. More often than not, it’s necessary to step outside of that process, and look at it from the outside. It’s remarkable how quickly we’re able to identify the problems, sometimes from the very first conversation with a client.

  • we analyze the product and the situation of the organization
  • we analyze the market
  • we analyze the clients and the possibilities of additional markets
  • we build a multilayered program to efficiently reach the goal
  • consequent communication that brings results


The first impression can only happen once. The first contact must arouse one’s curiosity, create enthusiasm, even excitement… there has to be a chemistry with the market:)

Putting a new product or brand onto the market requires precisely designed actions directed towards the outer partners, end-clients and the company itself. As much as things can be corrected in regards to outside communication, in time the enthusiasm of a team can dwindle. And enthusiasm – especially in terms of sales – is very important

  • the client and the need
  • product brand
  • efficient message
  • consultation with the sales force
  • communication channels
  • a precise program
  • education if necessary
  • motivational coaching
  • consequent implementation

It’s about making difficult purchases easy. Comparable criteria and proper organization make life easier, and just that on it’s own creates sympathy towards a brand.

Some product categories (especially the technical ones) can be difficult to comprehend for the consumers. This leads to protracted sales, as well as poor choices, frustration and a dislike for all brands in that category. A tidy shelf, clearly organized communication and navigation within the category; not only lets the client notice one particular brand but paradoxically leads to an increase of sales of the entire category at that point.

  • analysis of the decision making process of the client
  • designing readable messages
  • organization of shelving
  • organizing navigation at the point of sale
  • effective implementation
  • coherent and consistent communication
Max Company

One of the most basic factors for the success of a marketing department is enthusiasm. It’s what builds engagement, creativity and the desire for work.

Sometimes the marketing department loses impetus. Work gets done through specific guidelines, which no longer work. But we have to remember that our surroundings continually change in a very dynamic way, and the market is running right along! That means, that to function properly, our marketing must be up to date – even – ahead of time. Actions related to marketing are much more effective when they create a whole new market, when they surprise the client. This requires not only knowledge and familiarity with marketing skills but enthusiasm too. The Blue Baobab program facilitates the formation of a new marketing strategy, one that will engage the entire team.

It all takes place during 4hourly classes, during which the team, along with the moderators and experts:

  • analyzes the situation in the company and the market
  • sets goals
  • establishes a specific plan of action
  • gives tasks to all team members