Years of experience have shown us that no matter if we’re talking about confectionery, furniture or an oil platform – effective marketing means the exact same thing. Creating a market is as demanding as a game of chess, and often times as exhausting as a marathon, but it is as exciting as flirting…:) We like strategy games and we’re passionate about sports… Sometimes it’s good to spend yourself completely… it enables you to feel that you’re a really good player. That’s probably why we nearly always win:)

Our goal for the future? To keep having fun and keep winning. Simple as that:)


CEO, Founder, Owner, basically: da boss!

Graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, as well as Kingston School of Graphic Design in London. Careerwise he’s the master of design, fiercely making sure of the highest level of composition. In private, a practitioner of Aikido – combining determination and positive energy with honest work and attention to detail.

Four words that describe Adam:

  • determined
  • professional
  • passionate
  • a visionary

When asked: “what have you never done in your life, but still dream of?”, he says: “I have no dreams, I have goals”.


Strategy Director, Enthusiasm Coach, Marketing Trainer, Creative Master

For years she has built and produced marketing strategies for enterprises of various sizes and for various markets. The unbridled powerhouse, always smiling with a positive attitude. She has no problems – there are challenges, but no failures – there are lessons. What’s most bizarre – she loves Excel ;) She doesn’t like Italian herbs, despises energy drinks and won’t let anybody spit them out on keyboards:)

Four words that describe Tatiana:

  • enthusiastic
  • focused
  • determined
  • energic

When asked: „what do you like most?” she answered „enthusiasm! The energy that buzzes in people after our meetings! Why bother with energy drinks? We are pure energy!:)”


General Manager, Impossible Achiever,
Time Master

Ola is not afraid of challenges, she creates them while always setting the bar high. Both for herself, as well as her coworkers. She’s the living proof that it’s possible to combine youth with conscientiousness, and courage with responsibility. Master of the steering wheel and multiline telephone calls. Privately the mother of 2 French Bulldogs – Maniek and Heniek, both sometimes accompany her to work, melting the hearts of our clients, and begging to be cuddled.

Four words that describe Ola:

  • determined
  • organized
  • friendly
  • ambitious

When asked: „what or whom do you dream of?” she said: „I’m not dreaming about a fairy tale prince, because I’ve already got one. I wish I could eat to bursting and not put on weight.


Project Manager, Design Wizard, Clime
Creator, Creative Master

In a situation when a project is really difficult, Asia conducts the graphic designers. They don’t like it for 2 reasons: firstly, because it bothers them during their work, and secondly because in the end they have to admit that she was right :). One thing is certain, Asia won’t let a project out of her PC before she’s satisfied. She’s great at swimming, she rides hundreds of kilometers on her bike and runs like an Ethiopian. It’s probably why she’s known for delivering the always carefree answer to our clients: „for tomorrow? Sure, we can do that!” what’s remarkable – she always keeps her word!:)

Four words that describe Asia:

  • creative
  • quick
  • resourceful
  • uncomprimising

When asked: „what have you never done in your life, and still dream of doing?” she answered: „to grow gills, make a box in an age category, become an iron man:)”


3D general artist, Renderator, HTML master

We have worked with Krzysiek for over 2 years. His passions are motorbikes and new technological trends. He spends his free time following news from the IT world, sporadically playing The Witcher. He knows no unreachable deadlines: a website within 2 days? No problem. A 3D model of a store within an hour? Here you are:) Sympathetic, full of smiles and above all else, he’s on fire when it comes to what he does;)

Four words that describe Krzysiek:

  • dynamic
  • resourceful
  • creative
  • explorer

When asked „what have you never done in your life, but still dream of doing?” he said „don’t dream about it, work for it;)”


Junior Web designer, Front -end developer,
HTML writer

Agata is the youngest member of the graphical part of the Studio crew. She’s always on time and smiling. During the afternoons she plays junior chemist while making her own creams and peelings. She codes with a passion, and loves ambitious projects. She doesn’t like template thinking, when something looks undoable, then she’ll either do it, or create an alternative solution:)

Four words that describe Agata:

  • scrupulous
  • engaged
  • creative
  • ambitious

Agata speaks about herself in one sentence: „thinks outside the box”


Senior graphic designer, computer maniac

He values his peace. An independent perfectionist, with an eye for detail. Regardless of that, he’s as fast as the roadrunner. Loves crime and scifi literature. A passionate traveller both near and far. He values places with interesting architecture, because of their soul.

Four words that describe Jarek:

  • conscientious
  • patient
  • organized
  • professional

Jarek speaks about himself in one sentence: „the devil’s in the detail”


Account manager, rechercher master,
express photoshutter

In spite of her age, Idalia keeps her feet on the ground, although she does sometimes have her head in the clouds. There are no undoable tasks for her. She’ll find anybody and anything. She’ll build a space shuttle and find a needle in a haystack. Her best friend is her uncle Google. The youngest and the most rebellious in the team. In private, she loves some student-style fun. She speaks English with a German accent.

Four words that describe Idalia:

  • enthusiastic
  • focused
  • presistent
  • outgoing